Design is not about how it looks. It is about how it feels. Vashions is about imbibing the feels on to every thread, every stroke out there. Our mission, right there.

We as fashion enthusiasts, were always moved by design and technology – something that kept us awake, as we imagined a career that revolved around weaving stories and experiences on to technology and that is how 'Vashions' (a culmination of Virtual Reality & Fashion) was born.

Vashions is not just about clothes, accessories or gift items – something that early adopters in the Vashions fam may presume it to be. What started as an idea, is now a thriving emotion – a community backed movement to promote Indian artisans, their craft, values and produce. We intend to empower artisans through our #BharatiyaKarigari initiative – aimed at pushing Indian artisans and their craftsmanship to the forefront. Vashions imbibes the functionalities of a vetted marketplace and an exhibition of art & design – something that is truly exclusive to our positioning and how we imagine the platform as a whole.

Made with love,
weaved with emotions.

  • Soft Fabrics

    At Vashions, It is our pledge to back the design and offering with fabrics that testifies Fashions' bias towards pushing quality at the core.
    If you don't feel better wearing a Vashions, we ain't doing it right!

  • Feels like feather

    Imagine something as light and breezy as a feather. Okay, our copywriter exaggerated it a bit, but overall – we hope you got the point as to how light and weightless our range may feel – at times.
    Be a part of the experience. Own it to feel it.

  • All Day Comfort

    We believe getting dressed should be the
    easiest part of your day.

Vashions is the new destination for the shopper, artist, enthusiast and believer inside you.
How it all started? Keep reading as our founder takes over.

Dear Vashioners,

For the next couple of minutes, you will be reading my heart, mind, past and the future. I started Vashions with a different vision, as we embarked ourselves to revolutionise fashion by leveraging technology in the first place(we'll delve onto the intricate details some other day). We're still hooked on to it, but now Vashions has evolved into much more. We identify ourselves as an art and inspiration driven platform to showcase ideas, trends and stories. However, at this outset – this isn't 'About Us' , it is about you. We created 'Vashions' to bridge the gap between piece of an art, and its medium. So, it's time you become a part of it as well.


Aman Ranjan,

Founder & CEO,