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Top 15 Sites To Watch Anime In India

Top 15 Sites To Watch Anime In India

Whether you’re just starting out with anime, or looking for specific categories, or even want to join an anime enthusiasts’ communuty - we have a website to get you started!

Big fan of anime, but don’t know where to watch it in India?

Self-appointed experts told you that most anime streaming websites are located in the USA and in Japan, and have geolocation restrictions?

Just want an objective list of anime websites from which you can decide which works best for you?

Then you’ve come to the right blog post!

We’ve gone through over 2 dozen sites and platforms featuring anime content.

And then, based on criteria like how large the content selection is, how smoothly the site runs, how the viewing experience is…

We’ve selected the top 15 websites to watch anime in India.

Note: The first three websites on our list are traditional OTT sites that feature anime content. If you want anime-only websites, scroll down to the fourth website.

Amazon Prime Video

Watch Anime Shows on Amazon Prime

As the best-known online marketplace, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Amazon offers a good selection of anime content through its streaming service - Prime Video.

You can catch both old and new shows - everything from Dororo and Grand Blue to Made in Abyss and Pokemon - on Prime Video, in HD quality.

Depending on the show, you can access subtitles or a dubbed version, or both in some cases.

There are additional features like show descriptions, and the XRay feature which reveals casting in real time.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - The additional features like show descriptions and XRay that reveal interesting information about your favourite shows in real time.

Is it free? You can access some of their content for free, but it’s very little. An Amazon Prime subscription will allow you to really gain access to their entire library.

Go to the Prime Video website

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Watch Anime Shows on Netflix

As a streaming giant, is it any wonder that Netflix has a reasonably large and well-chosen library of anime shows for you to choose from?

By no means would I say it has the largest library of content, but it DOES have A-grade titles like Altered Carbon, Baki, Devilman’s Cry Baby, Dragon’s Dogma, The 7 Seven Deadly Sins.

You can get subtitled shows or a dubbed version or both, depending on the show. And all content is available in HD.

They have an elegant interface, and you have the option of choosing from multiple resolution options.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - Netflix has exclusive rights to some shows like Death Note and Kaguya Sama plus some original content. And their content selection is pretty good.

Is it free? Unfortunately not. However, they do offer a free trial through which you can check out if their anime offerings are worth a paid subscription.

Visit the Netflix website (anime section)

Tubi TV

Watch Anime Shows on Tubitv

Tubi TV is well known as a platform that offers streaming of quality content for free (it’s supported by ads).

So, it’s no wonder that they have an anime library of their own. Here are some titles you can catch: Attack on Titan, Street Fighters and Yukikaze.

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The UI and streaming are top-notch. You can also set the resolution between 360p to 720p HD as you wish.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - That it’s completely free with no option for a paid subscription.

Is it free? 100% (it’s an ad-supported platform).

Looking for an anime website with parental control? Tubi TV has that option.

Visit the Tubi TV website (anime section)


Watch Anime Shows on Crunchyroll

Once you look past the traditional OTT platforms, the name that comes up a lot as an anime website in India is Crunchyroll.

And no surprises there as it’s one of the oldest and largest producers and distributors of anime in the world, with titles like Bleach, Hunter × Hunter, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and One Piece to their credit. 

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They also have an anime blog.

You can pick your own resolution, with options ranging from 360p to 1080p HD.

Overall, the website has a clean interface and is pretty interactive.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - Their large stock of anime content.

Is it free? There’s a free version with ads, and a paid version that’s ad-free

Did you know Crunchyroll has its own anime award show?

Visit the Crunchyroll website


Watch Anime Shows on 9anime

9anime has built a suitably catchy interface. One example is how you can switch between light and dark viewing modes.

It’s even more impressive when you consider the fact that the site is completely free.

You can find whatever you’re looking for pretty quickly and easily, because of their highly  effective filters - you can browse by country, genre, language, year and so on.

Plus, you can change languages of whatever anime you’re watching.

Finally,new and fresh content gets uploaded pretty quickly.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - The fact that they have created an eye-catching interface, while keeping searching simple and effective so you can access your desired content pretty quickly and easily.

Is it free? Completely.

Visit the 9anime website


Watch Anime Shows on Gogoanime

With a sleek look and very convenient navigation, Gogoanime is one of those sites that you just don’t expect to be free (it IS free, to be clear).

Anime titles are uploaded onto the site pretty quickly, and can be categorised by alphabetical order, release date and popularity.

Any anime show you want to watch - just visit the site and run a search.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - The sleek, simple look and regular updating of their library.

Is it free? Yes, it is.

Visit the Gogoanime website

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Watch Anime Shows on Funimation

Remember I mentioned Netflix has a lot of original anime content? Funimation is another anime website with an extensive collection of premium original anime.

It has a great interface and easy searching and scrolling so you can easily access whatever content you want.

The browsing and streaming speeds are great (you will hardly face buffering even if you are viewing in HD).

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - The extensive collection of original content.

Is it free? A very limited amount of content is available for free viewing. If you’re a serious anime addict however, you may need to buy a subscription.

Note: The only downside of Funimation is that it’s not available in India. However we know what the remedy for that is! (VPN’s).

Visit the Fumination website


Watch Anime Shows on Contv

If you’re making a random guess that the “CON” in CONtv is a reference to CONvention (as in Anime Con), you’re spot on.

CONtv features comics, katana, anime and other such content.

The layout is appealing and practically useful. Content is divided into well-defined categories that make searching for your desired kind of content very easy.

Some of the titles that you may want to check out are Mononoke, Samurai Troopers, and Street Fighter.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - The visually appealing and practical layout.

Is it free? Yes; it’s ad-supported.

If you access the US site through a VPN, you will be able to select from their much larger US catalogue.

Visit the CONtv website

Pluto TV

Watch Anime Shows on Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a website that streams cable TV, live.

So, if you’re old-school, and like catching your fav content the good ol’ way, with episodes being beamed at preset times with periodic breaks for ads, this is where you’ll want to catch your anime from!

You can catch relatively newer shows like One Piece and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - The visually appealing and practical layout.

Is it free? Yes.

To access this website, you need a VPN.

Visit the Pluto TV website

Soul Anime

Watch Anime Shows on Soul Anime

This anime featuring website has a well-stocked library of anime content, great categorisation of shows (into well-known genres) and a good playback feature.

The advertising is reasonably limited and the browsing is quite easy.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - The pleasant browsing experience and the categorisation of titles into logical genres.

Is it free? Yes.

Visit the Soul Anime website


Watch Anime Shows on Animedao

With a clean interface, easy navigation and frequent content updates, AnimeDao is a great platform for creating an online community of anime lovers in India.

For almost every show here, you’ll be able to choose between dubbed versions and streaming with subtitles.

The video resolution is good. As are the loading speeds.

Anime properties you can access on AnimeDao include Attack on Titan.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - Attractive interface and multiple source options to choose from.

Is it free? AnimeDao is completely free to use.

Visit the AnimeDao website

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Anime Planet

Watch Anime Shows on Anime Planet

One more website on which you can watch anime free of cost in India. They have a huge library of content which you can access without a VPN.

 You can see a lot of information about various shows right on the  home page.

Some of the content they feature:  Be My Light, Hikari: Naruto, and Pokemon.

What is unique about this website is that they have done quite a lot to build a community of anime enthusiasts, including forums and a Discord server where you can discuss shows.

Overall, this is a sleek and and elegant website that offers more than just anime streaming.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - The forums and even a Discord server where you can discuss shows with fellow anime enthusiasts.

Is it free? Yes. You can just go to the site and watch your favourite anime, but if you create a free account, your viewing experience may be a lot better.

Visit the Anime Planet website (viewing anime online)


Watch Anime Shows on Animeheaven

A good anime streaming website with a pleasant user interface and with anime categorised into categories like dubbed, movie, trendy and so on.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - The good interface and the availability of content.

Is it free? Completely. Just visit the site and start viewing!

Visit the Animeheaven website


Watch Anime Shows on Animefrenzy

Visit this anime website, and you’ll be stunned by the quality interface. Considering that it’s completely free to use, the outlay is just amazing.

Coming to the content, the amount and also the diversity of the titles is also amazing.

Playback offers certain cool features like speed control and autoplay.

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - The interface, the diversity of content and the playback features.

Is it free? Yes; you have to pay nothing to view anime on this site!

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Visit the Animefrenzy website

Chia Anime

Watch Anime Shows on Chia anime

We kept one of the best for last!

Chia Anime has all the usual good features you expect in an anime watching website in India - sleek layout, pleasant browsing, smooth streaming and so on.

In addition to all that, it gives you access to anime soundtracks, which is pretty cool for anime enthusiasts!

Biggest pro (in our opinion) - Comprehensive categorisation, and provision of anime soundtracks.

Is it free? Absolutely!

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Visit the China Anime website

The 15 best anime websites in India - a final word

As we have seen, there is simply no dearth of websites on which you can watch your favourite anime episodes, sitting in India.

From regular OTT websites to anime-specific streaming sites and even a TV channel featuring site - we have covered all kinds of anime platforms in this blog post.

We deliberately decided to make this an extensive list of sites, rather than going for the top 10, to cover all the angles and concerns you may have.

Whether you want a paid site or free, whether you prioritise page loading or content navigation, whether you want to work with a VPN to unlock more content or not, our list has websites that match your needs.

Hope you have a great time bingeing on all your preferred anime shows and movies with your friends and loved ones!

Coming up…So far, we’ve been talking about the basic issue of how to best access anime content in India. Next time, we will shift focus and check out the people’s favourite foods to have while you’re binge-watching your preferred anime!

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