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Online shopping is a great time savior but at times it creates chaos and bring few challenges.

Size and at times the difference between the actual product and the one in pictures may disappoint you later.

Size may disappoint you every time and is the Main concern of online shoppers.

Main benefit of window shopping is that we can try the outfit before buying it. Here at Vashions we are catering the same problem.

  • We want to give the same trial room experience at the comfort of your home and hence bringing you the virtual trial room for a happy and satisfied online shopping experience.
  • This AI machine learning based trial room will help you to try on clothes and other fashion accessories before you order it online.
  • You will find a complete different experience of online shopping, where you will try before you buy.
  • Above all, You can share the pictures on social media or send it to your close one’s for your satisfaction.

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